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CatsDogsHarmony's mission is to promote harmony in cat and dog homes

 by providing innovative and attractive products, tools, and service solutions. 

Our motto is"Keep the Harmony!"

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dog hair!

dog suits, dog fur, deshed product

No need to fear, SHED DEFENDER is here!

Excess dog hair everywhere? Shed  Defender is here to save the day! Shed Defender traps shedding dog hair, keeping your floors, furniture, and car virtually dog hair free. Sizes 'mini' to 'giant'. 

$44.99 & UP

Calming Products

Pet Naturals Calming Chews

pet naturals calming chews

Behavior issues can be a real struggle for pets and their owners. Calming Chews, from Pet Naturals of Vermont can help. 160 calming chews per package.  Calms naturally, not a sedative


Calming Pet Acoustics

soothing pet music

Pet Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers are the ideal way to keep your pet calm with soothing tunes made specifically for your pet. These speakers come loaded with music composed specifically to soothe your pet, but it can also be synced up with your electronic library through micro SD, bluetooth, and USB technology.


Bonies Natural Calming Bones

calming dog bones

BONIES Natural Calming Formula a is unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients. Made to be a healthy treat for your dog while freshening their breath at the same time. Intended for dogs weighing 50 or more lbs.


Mental Stimulation

Flip Board Dog Puzzle

Flip Board Dog Puzzle

Can your dog figure out where the goody is hidden? She's sure to have fun sniffing out the treats hidden in this Flip Board Puzzle. Use it as a training tool, or for short term play time.


Seek A Treat Dog Puzzle

seek a treat wooden dog puzzle

Engage your dog and challenge him with this simple to use wooden dog puzzle. Hide the treats in the empty holes you decide on, cover them with the sliders, and let your dog figure out where its hidden.


For the Pet on the Go

pet cargo liner

Quilted Top Cargo Liner

Frontpet Cargo Cover.Made from ultra durable 600D nylon that will hold up to any adventure, this quilted cargo liner is a must have accessory for your traveling dog companions. Many styles available. Prices starting at:



Best dog training methods

This Book is Just What You Need

Studying to be a better leader for your dog? In one of his best selling books Lessons From the Pack, Cesar Millan offers a unique blueprint for seeking happiness and fulfillment through canine companionship. 


Rather Watch and Learn?

If you're a visual learner, check this out. Educate yourself with Cesar Millan's best-selling six DVD box set, Mastering Leadership Series, a video series that explores dog psychology.  


Want More? Try a Combo Pack!

Get started on the right paw with your new dog! Learn Cesar Millan’s approach with the best-selling Mastering Leadership Series six DVD box set, explore dog psychology with “Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog,” and take control on the walk with the Nylon Training Lead. 


Now pack light, and lets go!

Who's ready to go for a walk! Collar? Check. Matching leash? Check. Backpack for the dog? Got it.  With this Get out and Go Combo Pack you’re ready for an adventure! 


Now Let's Get Cleaned Up

Don't pass up this great investment. Save money by grooming your dog at home. Dry your pup like the professionals with this powerful, but quiet-operating  Cesar Millan Dog Grooming Dryer.


Free Video Clips

Thanks for checking out my collection of Cesar  Millan products. I hope you found everything you needed. While you're waiting for your purchase to arrive, check out his  official YouTube channel where you can watch short clips of his show Dog Nation.

pet box subcriptions

Pet Box

Cat giftbox

With boxes both available for cats and dogs, Petbox makes a budget-friendly treat possible every month providing every pet owner the opportunity to pamper their pet. Any Subscription can be paused at any time.


Pet Gift Box

Pet gift box

 The Pet Gift Box offers a variety of themed boxes with related toys and treats on a monthly subscription. Click the button below to find more variety on the The Giftbox site and see all there is to offer! You and your dog won't be disappointed!

$19.99/ Mo

Premium PawPack

dog gift box

Each month, we deliver the highest quality, premium selections of all natural treats and chews made with real meat and wholesome ingredients, and irresistible tough, long lasting toys for pups that love to chew! 


Leash Holders

"Dog House"

Dog House Leash Holder

Dog House leash holder. 

$59.99.  Each Leash Holder is hand-crafted from original wood carvings by Michael Park, master woodcarver. Three shaker pegs to hang your dogs leash and accessories make this piece of art a clever way to store your leads.



Terrier Leash Holder

Pawprints leash holder. The image is a hand painted resin representation of Michael Park's works. Each piece is hand painted, therefore unique and may vary slightly from the image displayed. Beautiful Oak Finish

Handcrafted and unique

Made in USA.



Bone leash holder

Bone leash holder.  This Dog Bone shaped Hang Up features your dog breed perched atop a solid wooden bone. The image is a handpainted resin representation of Michael Park's works. Each piece is handpainted, therefore unique and may vary slightly from the image displayed. 


"Time for a Walk"

Metal leash holder

Time for a walk silhouette leash holder is made from rust resistant metal. Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/2". Black satin finish. Made in the USA.


"Sweeney Ridge"

dog silhouette leash holder

This Sweeney Ridge Dog Breed Style Key Rack is crafted from 16-gauge durable rust resistant metal, sealed with black acrylic enamel.


"Sweeney Ridge Paws"

paw silhouette leash holder

Sweeney Ridge Paws Style Key Rack is crafted from 16-Gauge durable rust resistant metal and sealed with black acrylic enamel Measures 5.5" x 5.75",4 Hooks,Made in the USA


Puppy Cake

Peanut Butter Puppy Cake

peanut butter puppy cake

You know how much dogs love peanut butter. So imagine their joy when you jake thim a Peanut Butter flavor Puppy Cake. Yogurt Frosting in the Box.Wheat-Free Cake Mix. Easy to Bake. Makes 8 Cupcakes.


Red Velvet Puppy Cake

red velvet puppy cake

A yummy treat for your dog. Red Velvet flavor Puppy Cake is an easy to bake treat for dogs. Yogurt Frosting in the Box. Wheat-Free Cake Mix. Easy to Bake. Makes 8 Cupcakes


Pumpkin Puppy Cake

pumkin puppy cake

You don't have to wait for the autumn season to mix up some Pumpkin Cake Mix for your dog. Comes complete with yogurt frosting. Simply add egg, oil and water, mix then bake or microwave to have a delicious cake for your special pup.


Carob Puppy Cake

carob puppy cake

It may look like chocolate cake but no need to worry! This yummy treat for your dog is Carob Flavor Puppy Cake. Easy to Bake, or make in microwave. Yogurt Frosting. Makes 8 Cupcakes. Human Grade Ingredients. Made in U.S.A.


Ice Cream Mix for Dogs

Puppy Scoops Carob

puppy scoops carob

Carob Flavor Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix allows you to whip up some delicious ice cream for your dog to enjoy


Puppy Scoops Maple Bacon

puppy scoops maple bacon

Maple Bacon Puppy Scoops. It’s as simple as adding water and letting it freeze. Puppy Scoops comes out smooth and lickable.


Puppy Scoops Peanut Butter

puppy scoops peanut butter

Made specifically for dogs, this mix is grain-free, all-natural, lactose-free, and made in the USA. Peanut butter flavor Puppy Scoops is a hit with pups of all ages. 


Puppy Scoops Vanilla

puppy scoops vanilla

Your dog will love Vanilla Flavor Puppy Scoops. Delicious doggy ice cream mix. Vanilla flavor. Grain-free, all-natural and lactose-free. Made for dogs


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